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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Multi tasking with Esparto

Meet “The Beast”: a WEMOS D1 mini using every single GPIO concurrently, running a 3-led traffic light sequencer, which is speed-controlled by a rotary encoder and “switch on and offable” with a PIR motion sensor. It also has an analog temperature sensor, multi-function pushbutton control and real-time graphs: 3x system graphs and 2x user-defined graphs. All of this shown in real-time on the built-on Web User interface and controllable via serial console, MQTT or HTTP REST interface.
All running smoothly and co-operating harmoniously courtesy of Esparto and all in only a few lines of code!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Esparto v3.3 released at last

AT last! A "quick fix " to patch up a problem in someone else's library has just ended up being a 2-month ground-up rewrite. I am so fed up with the whole thing, I hope you lot all like it enough to cheer me up: Watch the video then go and have a play with it. Esparto v3.3 released at last. Still some documentation being "backfilled" but the code should be ok and with 61 examples, you should be fine....