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Monday, 24 February 2020

Why can't Facebook spot obvious spammers?

"Mike Taylor" recently tried to post to a tech Facebook group I moderate.
First alarm bell: FB Profile is “farhad.shah” 2nd Bell: “Social Media Advertiser” = “spammer”
3rd Bell: Works at facebook, eh?  Now take a mental photo of that Python Data Science post by – we’ll come back to it
Alarm bell 4: 4,999 friends and not one of them called Taylor – is this man a reclusive orphan?

“People are judged by the company they keep”: Mostly Asian, mostly from Pakistan and SO many who also “Work for Facebook”…by which I think they mean “work all day spamming facebook with commercial posts”

Back to Mike/Farhad – The majority of the photos have the same fella in them, I’m assuming its Farhad, so…

…why the beefy and completely different profile photo:

…which appears all over the net on Instagram posts advertising everything from dresses to makeup?

My conclusion is Mike Taylor is not his real name…but let’s look at what he posts: A lot of it is for “” who seem not to care who they spam: This page ostensibly about music and with many Ukranian links is owned by…”” – of Pakistan. Shocker!

I could go on, but what’s the point?

This was the best I could do:

Sunday, 9 February 2020

H4Plugins finally released!

And finally...112 files of IOT goodness for ESP8266, ESP32 and (excepting WIFi) STM32-NUCLEO. It was designed to make it easy for you to write custom IOT apps running multiple simultaneous functions. It is currently running my own home. Go get it now - I hope you find it useful.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Multi tasking with Esparto

Meet “The Beast”: a WEMOS D1 mini using every single GPIO concurrently, running a 3-led traffic light sequencer, which is speed-controlled by a rotary encoder and “switch on and offable” with a PIR motion sensor. It also has an analog temperature sensor, multi-function pushbutton control and real-time graphs: 3x system graphs and 2x user-defined graphs. All of this shown in real-time on the built-on Web User interface and controllable via serial console, MQTT or HTTP REST interface.
All running smoothly and co-operating harmoniously courtesy of Esparto and all in only a few lines of code!